Best Offline Reader

Zholink is excited to bring you offline reading.  What is offline reading and why do you want it?  There are times where you are waiting in line or you are traveling and have some time to spend, but you don’t have a good wireless connection.  Did you bring a book to the long line you’ll be waiting in?  Was there an article on the internet that you’ve been waiting to read and now would be the perfect time, but you just don’t have WiFi?
Zholink started out as a great storage app for saving links so you can easily find them later, but it’s functionality was extended to also save entire web pages for offline reading.  This makes a great combination because you can build your reading list of interesting articles so you don’t have to read them right away.  You can get back to doing whatever you were doing before you found this article.  When you come across an article or web page that’s going to take longer to read, save it offline reading (download) by clicking the download button.  You can find all of the downloaded articles in “Downloaded Reading List” under My Saved Links.


Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
subway line of people without WiFi

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