Holiday Travel Doesn’t Have to be Hell

Looking forward to the holidays? How about the traveling? No? It’s the long lines, red eye flights, long plane rides … endless waiting. What’s worse is when there’s no cellular bars, no WiFi, or you have to purchase WiFi time. If you’re just looking for something to pass the time till you get to your next destination, then Zholink can help.

Zholink is the newest read-it-later app that allows you to save your links and pages that you want to read when you aren’t connected to the internet. This is great for catching up on reading articles that you’ve been putting off for a better time. What better time to read than when you’re waiting in long lines or on a long flight?

How can you use the Zholink app to make the most of it?

You need to register first using your social media authorization. You can then start saving links which will appear in lists under the My Saved Links column. However, to save pages for offline reading, you’ll need a subscription. It’s only $12.99 a year, and you have a 7 day free trial. Click the Downloaded Reading List button and you’ll see the purchase button. After you’re subscribed, you can go to your list of links (Read or Unread) and click the download button for each link. You can download as many pages as you want.

Zholink saves the HTML and styling of the page, but it can’t save the dynamic scripting and images, yet. This can be a problem with paywalled news sites, but those sites usually have their own apps. The Zholink app does have a temporary browser cache, but that might not last. So if you want to view the page including the images, then before you travel, click the link item in Zholink while you still have WiFi.  The web page will be displayed in the built in browser. Doing this can store the images in temporary browser cache so you can view those images when you’re offline.

Even though Zholink has this limitation, it’s still better than other apps. Other read-it-later apps either can’t save the page for offline reading, or they make it difficult to read the page the way it was intended to be read in the original style.

Even if you don’t purchase a subscription, Zholink is still a useful app that you didn’t know you needed before. You don’t need to save a bunch of links in your social media list of links. You don’t need to send links to your email so you can remind yourself to read later. Zholink makes it easy for you to organize your links and not clutter up your other apps.


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