Zholink App On Hiatus

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post.  The Zholink App did not have many installs and did not get much use.  It was due to poor user interaction design and most people didn’t see it as being very useful.

I’m working on the next Zholink App, but this time it won’t be in the app store.  This time, it will be installable from the Zholink.com web site as a Portable Web Application or PWA.

How will the next version be different?

  • Installable directly from website (very easy) without app store.
  • No login required to save links.
  • May not be able to save pages for offline viewing.
  • RSS News / Feed / Podcast reader, saving links directly from feed.
  • May not be able to save links directly from other app’s share menu.
  • Save links from other apps by sharing to email and sending to Zholink (login required).
  • Greater filtering on tags from general to specific.


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